These video lessons are a step-by-step guide to the pattern-making of ladies' pants. The method of the author, Chic R. Francisco, is easy to follow, understand and remember. It contains the standard sizes from extra-small to double extra-large, and also teaches the viewer how to take the body measurement for ladies' pants, thus enabling the viewer to draft patterns for any figure size. The video lessons cover the whole procedure of pattern-making/drafting and, also, includes the clothes construction, which is the sewing together of the cut pattern pieces; and the finishing requirements to complete the basic ladies' pants and the ladies' denim pants. Since the pattern-making procedure is the same for any figure size, like in Lesson 3 - Straight Blouse with a Notched Collar and Basic Short Sleeves, the video demonstrations are on the medium figure. Below is the list of the video lessons covered in Lesson 4A and Lesson 4B.

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Chic Francisco's free video lessons are also all in youtube. Just search: youtube chic francisco